Plans, Payments & Policies


Class Rates


Single Class    $ 20.00
1 hour/week   $ 60.00/month
  2 hours/week $ 105.00/month
3 hours/week $145.00/month
4 hours/week $175.00/month
5 hours/week $195.00/month
6 hours/week $225.00/month
Unlimited Classes per month $250.00/month

(Multiple class rates apply to individual students, ask about family rates)



A non-refundable $25.00 registration fee per student is required at the beginning of each studio year (August). This fee will reserve the student’s placement in a class and is used to offset costs involved in invoicing, newsletters, miscellaneous communications, memos, flyers, and maintenance of your account. In the event that a student withdraws from a class, this deposit is forfeited.

Monthly fees are calculated based on an annual figure and are the same for all months whether it has 5 weeks or holidays. There are no refunds for classes missed, however a make-up class may be taken within the same month as the missed class.

All tuition payments are due by the 10th of each month. After the 10th, a $10.00 late fee will be added onto the account. You may choose to pay your monthly tuition before the 10th of each month. No discounts apply. Payments may be made either by personal check, cash or by credit/debit card and auto-pay. Checks should be made payable to Dance 10. To ensure proper credit, please put your name and/or your child’s name on the check, especially if your child has a different last name than yours.

We do not send statements. Once enrolled, you will be responsible for monthly payments without receiving a monthly reminder. A $25.00 processing fee will be added for all returned checks. The studio reserves the right to discontinue a dancer’s classes for non-payment of tuition.

There are no pro-rated fees for missed classes or holidays. There will be no refunds for classes missed due to illness or injuries. Payments may not be reduced in order to accommodate family vacations. Studio closure days due to weather or power outages may be made up by taking a make up class.


Our Studio requires all students to arrive to class regularly and on time. For safety reasons, students who are 15 minutes or more late will not be allowed to take class. Please notify the front desk if you will be missing classes for an extended period due to illness or vacation. Tuition refunds will not be made in the case of absences due to illness or vacation. We encourage students to take make up classes for such a purpose.  Please also try to pick your child up promptly.  If you are running late to pick up your child after class, please call the studio as soon as possible. This will ease the child’s nerves as well as allow us to make special arrangements as needed.

Dress Code:

Ballet: All students must wear black leotards, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes. Baby Ballet students may wear any color leotard with pink tights. FOR ALL CLASSES: Skirts are only allowed upon approval by the instructor. Hair in a bun.  Boys wear black jazz pants or tights and a white T-shirt.

Jazz/Theater/Contemporary: Black jazz pants or shorts, fitted top or leotard, (boys - jazz pants or shorts and t-shirt) jazz shoes. Hair out of face.

Modern:, Jazz pants, fitted top or leotard, (boys - jazz pants or shorts and t-shirt), barefoot.

Tap: Any dancewear is okay. No baggy clothes, and no jeans. Tap shoes and hair out of face.

Hip Hop/Break Dancing: Comfortable/danceable attire. No jeans and no long sleeves (for break dancing) please. Tennis shoes or jazz shoes. Hair out of face. Be sure to use indoor tennis shoes and/or clean soles.

A dancer not properly attired may not be able to take class for the day.

Recital and Fall Danceworks:

All students are invited to participate in our annual dance recital in June, and in our Fall Dance Works as well. These performance opportunities are an extension of the benefits derived from the dedication of dance training. As part of their participation in the show, students learn showmanship, teamwork skills, starting and follow up of projects, memorization of patterns and how to express individual personalities. Dance costumes are required to be purchased for each dance class. There is a Performance Commitment fee of $55 per student for each show ($95 for Families with two or more students enrolled with 4 Comp Tickets).  Two complimentary tickets are included in this fee along with rehearsal time and theatre expenses.  Recital costume prices range from $30-$70 per costume, depending on class style and level. More specific information will be sent home with students prior to the Recital or Fall Dance Works.


Dance 10 Communicates via email to our students and families.  A monthly newsletter as well as other important studio notices and schedules, class changes, are emailed and will be posted on the studio bulletin board and Facebook Page. It is the responsibility of each student and parent to check for emails and note the bulletin board before and after each class, we suggest liking and visiting the Facebook page regularly. Please make sure to provide a valid e-mail address in order to receive studio related notifications.

Parents are not allowed in the classroom during class time unless the instructor allows it.

Also it is important to know that our dance rooms are reserved for dance only. We have a homework room as well, where kids can do their homework while waiting so you don’t have to worry about getting home late and not having time for it. The homework room is also the place to eat - those who want to bring food or snacks can eat in this room at any time.  The lobby is a common area where people, parents and kids can hang out and chat if they want, while they are waiting for the class to be over. Please do your part to keep Dance 10 clean. Pick up after yourselves and your children please.  And let our front desk staff know if something is out of sorts.  Thank you!