I’ve been going here for 5 years, and I love it! This dance studio has such a relaxed atmosphere. I’ve learned so much in the time I’ve been here, and I’ll be so sad when I have to leave for college. Everyone gets to know each other well. Even though it’s a small studio, we have a big family. :)
— DJ

DANCE 10 IS AN AMAZING COMMUNITY because everyone takes the time to get to know one another and help each other in class. Everyone here simultaneously enjoys themselves and works hard.
— Daphne

Dance 10 is the place to be! If you haven’t danced here, you haven’t danced. It’s average sized but is filled with big fun, big life, and big dance most of all! People join dance studios to learn dance, but when you join Dance 10, you’ve signed up for more than just the techniques of dance—you’ve joined a family.
— Kelly Graziadei

The People at Dance 10 treat one another like family and accepts you for who you are.
— Michaela Thomas

I won’t be able to express enough how I feel about Dance 10, but I’ll give it a go.
Dance 10 has made my dream come true and given me more. I have always loved watching tap dancing, admired those who could do it, and wished I could be that skilled (and that bold in doing it in front of others).
In the last couple years, as I would watch my girls during recitals, my dream went a step further in a vision of tapping with them. And so it is! Now you might catch us in our garage all doing a few tap steps together. It’s so cool to be able to step through any new steps my daughters and I are learning.
But wait!!! There’s more!!!!
I feel I’ve personally grown and really opened up because of Dance 10. This is not just being able to tap in front of others. Dance 10 has shown me my Inner-Tapper, and I leave classes just feeling happiness, happiness, and more happiness. The classes are usually the best part of my day.
What is the one thing I like about Dance 10? Dance 10 loves people! They believe in everyone that comes through that door. I absolutely believe they love to see people dream and see those dreams come true. They want you to believe in you.
Oh and if you have a silly streak in you, if you love to laugh and have fun, they don’t mind if you bring that too class either.
Dance 10 is more than a school for dance. It is a community (or dare I say FAMILY) of dancers that love to come together and have fun.
Thanks Dance 10
— Polly-Wog